Daily Thought For February 8, 2018

On Not Being Overly Sensitive
      Christians who are too sensitive about their good names and reputations are like those who take medicine for a slight indisposition. They think they are taking care of their health, but they are ruining it. When we are overly protective of our reputation, we may lose it completely. This is because our tenderness makes us argumentative and unbearable. This provokes our detractors even more. 
     Ignoring a negative comment about yourself is a better remedy than becoming resentful and planning revenge. Contempt for injuries makes them vanish. If we become angry, we tacitly admit the truth of the accusation. Fear of losing our good name is the result of not trusting its foundation-a good life. Souls firmly anchored on Christian virtue can pay little attention to the torrent of a critical tongue. 
     Reputation is like a sign. It points to virtue. If your reputation is taken away by wagging tongues, don't be disturbed. Like a beard, it will grow out again. If God permits it to be taken from us, he will either give us a better one or help us with holy humility. 
     I would make only a few exceptions. If the unjust accusation refers to horrible crimes, no one should be expected to put up with it. Let the accused justly acquit himself of it. Additionally, if an individual needs a spotless reputation in order to help others, that person should quietly seek a correction. 
St. Francis de Sales

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