Daily Thought For February 13, 2018

Humility & Forgiveness
     All of us should work for peace. But to obtain that peace all of us have to learn from Jesus to be meek and humble of heart. Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity to peace. To that end, let us help each other draw closer to Jesus, so that we learn the lesson of humility with joy.
     Let us think about oppressed countries. The greatest need of Bangladesh is forgiveness — there is so much bitterness and hatred! It is impossible to imagine how those people suffer. If they realize that we care for them, that we love them, perhaps they will find strength in their hearts to forgive. I think this is the only thing that can bring them peace. 
     We want this year to be, above all, a year of peace. With that aim, we will try to talk more with God than with men. 
     Let us spread Christ’s peace as he did. He planted good everywhere. He did not forsake his works of charity because the Pharisees and others rejected him and tried to spoil his Father’s work. 
     Cardinal Newman wrote: “Help me, wherever I may be, to spread your perfume. May I preach you without preaching — without words but with my example, through the force of attraction, the example of my actions, the obvious fullness of love that carries my heart to you.” 
Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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