Daily Thought For November 30, 2020

 The Need for Patience What I have noticed with doves is that they mourn in the same way that they rejoice, and that they sing always the same note, both in their songs of joy as in the songs in which they lament and express their complaints and sorrow. Whether they be joyous or sad, they never change their tune. Their cooing is ever the same. It is this holy evenness of spirit which we ought to have. I do not say evenness of humor or of inclination, but of spirit, for we ought to make no account of the fretting of the inferior part of the soul. It is the inferior part of the soul which causes disquietude and caprice when the superior part doesn’t do its duty by rendering itself supreme, and doesn’t keep a vigilant watch to discern its enemies and be aware of the tumults and assaults raised against it by the inferior part. These tumults spring from our senses and our inclinations and passions to make war upon the reason and to subject reason to their laws. I say, moreover, that we ough

Daily Thought For November 28, 2020

  Advent Is A Time To Awaken Hope Advent’s intention is to awaken the most profound and basic emotional memory within us, namely, the memory of the God who became a child. This is a healing memory; it brings hope. The purpose of the Church’s year is continually to run through her great history of memories, to awaken the heart’s memory so that it can discern the star of hope. All the feasts in the Church’s calendar are events of remembrance and hence events of hope. These events, of such great significance for mankind, which are preserved and opened up by faith’s calendar, are intended to become personal memories of our own life history through the celebration of holy seasons by means of liturgy and custom. Our personal memories are nourished by mankind’s great memories; in turn, it is only by translating them into personal terms that these great memories are kept alive. Man’s ability to believe always depends in part on faith having become dear on the path of life, on the humanity of G

Daily Thought For November 27, 2020

  Know That The Kingdom Of God Is Near Lectio Luke 21:29–33 Meditatio “… know that the Kingdom of God is near.…” This passage has always been a bit difficult for me to grasp, perhaps because of its cryptic language. It follows several descriptions of the end of the world and the destruction of Jerusalem. The scenes painted in the preceding passage are horrific. It ends with signs to help readers know when they can expect the prophecy to be fulfilled, along with a word of encouragement. Those who would have heard this language had probably also heard the stories passed down for several generations about the destruction of Jerusalem, which had occurred 600 years previously. If I had been one of the persons hearing this, I would have been terrified. Yet, the metaphor Jesus uses in today’s Gospel is beautiful and hopeful. He could have used a different metaphor: “Consider the cedar of Lebanon and all the other trees. When their limbs begin to bow under the wind, know that a hurricane is no

Daily Thought For November 26, 2020

  Giving Thanks! Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our prayers are very often requests for help in a time of need. Moreover, this is normal for men and women because we need help, we need others, we need God. Thus it is normal for us to ask God something, to seek help from him; and we must bear in mind that the prayer the Lord taught us, the “Our Father”, is a prayer of petition. With this prayer the Lord teaches us the priorities of our prayer and cleanses and purifies our desires and in this way he cleanses and purifies our hearts. Therefore even though it is in itself normal that we should ask for something in prayer, it should not be exclusively so. There is also cause for thanksgiving and if we pay a little attention we see that we receive very many good things from God. He is so good to us that it is right and necessary to say “thank you”. And our prayer should also be a prayer of praise: if our hearts are open in spite of all the problems we also see the beauty of his creation, the goo

Daily Thought For November 25, 2020

Let Us Have This Faith Which Banishes All Fear   Let us have this faith which banishes all fear. We have besides us, facing us, in us, our Jesus, our God who loves us infinitely, is all-powerful, knows what is best for us, tells us to seek the kingdom and that the rest will be given to us. Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Daily Thought For November 24, 2020

  Feasting At The Table of Grace Enrich your soul in the great goodness of God: The Father is your table, the Son is your food, and the Holy Spirit waits on you and then makes His dwelling in you. St. Catherine of Siena

Daily Thought For November 22, 2020

  Trust A LIFE LIVED CLOSE TO ME WILL NEVER BE DULL OR PREDICTABLE. Expect each day to contain some surprises! I know you greet that prospect with mixed emotions because of your love-hate relationship with surprises. You enjoy the adrenaline rush that accompanies new, unexpected experiences; this wakes you up and takes you beyond your ordinary routine. Yet there is also a part of you that longs for your life to be predictable. In fact, you usually try to arrange things so as to minimize the possibility of being taken by surprise.  I will never limit Myself to doing only what you can anticipate and understand. My ways and thoughts are too high above yours for that to be possible. To do so would be to cease being God! So, expect your life to become increasingly surprising as you grow closer to Me. Still, I want to help you become more joyful about your unpredictable journey with Me.  There is actually much merit in expecting surprises. This helps you view an unforeseen event not as somet