Daily Thought For February 22, 2018

A Powerful Moment of Conversion

        As I went up to Communion I asked for that single gift, for a genuine, enduring faith. As I returned to my seat I stood with my eyes closed repeating that same prayer. At that moment I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. A man I had never met was standing next to me. He said that he was sitting about six rows behind me and that while I was standing in line for Communion he saw me and he  felt a very strong urge from the Holy Spirit to come and tell me something. He told me, “The Lord Jesus wants you to know that the faith and love that you seek shall be granted to you because he loves you and has died for you.”
    As soon as he spoke those words I felt a tremendous rush of power from my head to my toes. I felt an intense heat running through my body accompanied by a vivid experience of the presence of the risen Christ. It seemed to me that the Lord was present, that he was drawing near and that the closer he came the more overwhelming and total the experience became. My heart was filled to overflowing with joy and an experience of Jesus’ personal love for me. In that moment, without thinking I reached out to the man who had spoken to me and I embraced him. I began to weep tears of joy. I couldn’t believe how real Jesus seemed, how present, how personal and powerful was his presence. As I hung on to the man I remember looking up, my eyes filled with tears, and seeing a stadium filled with the power of the presence of Jesus. Everywhere I looked it seemed people were being touched by the presence of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Just then I heard the voice of the Lord, not an audible voice, but an interior voice, clear and direct, in a way I had never heard it before, yet I knew it was Jesus. He said, “Welcome the reign of God is at hand, you are part of a whole new order, my Kingdom.”

from When The Spirit Comes In Power by Peter Herbeck #34-35

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