Daily Thought For December 1, 2014


     The world is now fully aware of the unspeakable horrors of concentration camps such as Dachau and Auschwitz, which are situated in historic reality, in specific geographic locations, and as a shadow in the human memory. 
     Today there are new Dachaus and Auschwitzes. In new camps, whether known or unknown, visible or hidden, victims of injustice and oppression are confined. Only attentive observers are aware of their existence. Yes, concentration camps still exist, enclosed behind the barbed wire of injustice and raised by those who oppress and despoil. But my indifference also helps to build these enclosures!
     Each day so many of my brothers and sisters of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Vietnam, China, Cuba, and Iran walk the way of their passion and climb their Calvary. They are Jesus, abandoned, forgotten, and rejected by cruelty and injustice. 
     Because I am afraid of soiling my hands, of compromising myself, because I do not want to give up my comforts, well-being, and gratification, I try to forget them, to not think of them any more. . . But their reality is ever present and weighs heavily on my conscience. 
     Lord, give me the courage to break down the enclosures of selfishness , cowardice, discrimination, and greed that encircle the world and hold if prisoner. And forgive me for my contribution in building up prisons of injustice and oppression. 

Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan.

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