Daily Thought For Christmas Day, 2014

Christmas—Jesus Is Here For You!

Merry Christmas! Today is the day when we celebrate the light of Christ, a light that pierces all our darkness! While some of us find it easy to rejoice today, others may struggle to celebrate. Still, the truth remains: the Word became flesh for all of us. His grace and truth and glory are available for everyone. And so, whatever darkness seems to enfold you, God calls out: “Come into my light! Darkness has not, and cannot, overcome it.” To all of us he says, “I came for you.”

“Lord, I’m so worried about my children.”

“I came for you—and for them!”

“Lord, I’m locked in a prison cell all by myself.”

“I came for you; let me join you and keep you company.”

“Lord, I can’t find my way out of sin. I feel guilty, ashamed, and too afraid to go to Confession.”

“Don’t be afraid. I came to light the way for you.”

“Lord, life feels so overwhelming, and I don’t seem to have time for you.”

“That’s okay. Come to me whenever you can. I always have time for you.”

“Lord, I’m struggling to believe that you love me.”

“Don’t worry. I have enough love for both of us. Come rest your head on my shoulder.”

“Lord, I don’t love the people who will be at my dinner table today.”

“Let me help you love the unlovable.”

“Lord, I’m all alone today. I have no one to celebrate with.”

“I’m here with you. Let’s celebrate together, just you and I.”

On this great day, listen as Jesus cries out, “I came for you. Now come to me! Let me walk with you so that you can know my peace.”

“Thank you, Jesus, for shining your light in my life! Thank you for lighting my way when darkness makes it hard. Lord, I rejoice in you!”

Daily Meditation from The Word Among Us (www.wau.org)

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