Daily Thought For December 10, 2014

Hidden Strength

      An uncle of mine, who married into the family, likes to recall the first time he knew there was more to my grandfather than meets the eye. 
     One day he was helping his future brothers-in-law put up a basketball hoop, and it took all three of them to lift the hoop’s large metal pole. All of a sudden, the pole slipped from the grasp of the other men and brought the full weight of the solid iron pole upon his shoulder. He could hardly breathe due to the weight. However, a moment later the weight of the pole was taken from him, for my grandfather had single-handedly lifted it and thrown it away. After having recovered, my uncle realized that his future father-in-law was not a man to be taken lightly: hidden behind his kind demeanor slept a tremendous strength. 
     We can have a similar experience with our Lord. Sometimes we may find ourselves in impossible situations where a tremendous weight is placed upon our shoulders that we cannot carry alone. Rather than panic at the lack of help from our peers, it is essential to let the Lord come in and take up our burdens with us. If we allow the Lord to help us in those moments, he may surprise us with his tremendous strength. 

from Fr. Ambrose Little, O.P. Magnificat Advent Companion p. 30


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