Daily Thought For October 24, 2014

Walk With A "Faith"Perspective

The Lord continues to pass by in our life. He tells us of his presence by a variety of signs, but we often do not recognize him. Christ is present in sickness and tribulation which, if we accept God's Will, can serve to purify us. He exists in the people we work with, in those who need our help, in the members of our family, in the acquaintances of everyday life ... Jesus is behind that piece of good news. He is waiting for us to give him due thanks. He is ready to provide us with more blessings. Unfortunately, there are many occasions when we fail to thank him. What a shame that we should slight God because we are inordinately preoccupied with our own affairs! 

What would our life be like if we really lived the presence of God? Wouldn't we find that much of our ill-humor and many of our personal problems would vanish into thin air? If only we could live with more trust in divine Providence, strong in faith, in the certainty of God's daily protection, which never fails, how many worries and anxieties we would be spared! Then that fretfulness which, as Jesus said, is typical of pagans, of the 'heathen world' (Luke 12:30), that is, of people who lack a supernatural outlook on life, would disappear This is the perspective of those who live as if the Master never came among us. 

from In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez Volume 5 p. 304

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