Daily Thought For October 10, 2014

How The Saints Use Time

The saints lived on earth as much as I do. 
The saints were swept along 
by the same current of time. 
Their days were twenty-four hours long and not one minute more! 
All their lives were not longer in years: 
Francis Xavier died at the age of forty-six, Therese of the ChildJesus at twenty-four, and Rose of Lima at thirty-one. 
But the years they lived were incomparably intense and concentrated, because they recognized that time 
had the value of eternity. 

God works through the saints who collaborate with God. 
How much we must esteem a single moment of the Lord's work! 
We build holiness in the present moment not by turning to the past or anticipating the future. That is why the saints treasured the present moment; without neglecting a single instant, they made each moment a response of their whole being to God's love. 

The saints lived in the present as in an immense ocean of peace because they already lived in that unending present of eternity. 

from Prayers of Hope Words of Courage by by Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận p. 111

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