Daily Thought For January 11, 2018

Pray Constantly
     Remember to take a few moments inwardly even as you are busy at your occupation. A crowd of people around will not be able to intrude upon this private act. King David was busy with many responsibilities and yet he often says in his psalms, Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand; I have set the LORD always before me; my eyes are ever on the LORD.
     We will often not be too busy to turn aside to God for an instant. In fact, we can present our souls to him a thousand times a day. Sprinkle a seasoning of short prayers on your daily living. If you see something beautiful, thank God for it. If you are aware of someone’s need, ask God to help. St. Francis looked at a stream of water and prayed, “God’s grace flows just as gently and sweetly as this brook.” You can toss up many such prayers all day long. They will help you in your meditation and in your secular employment as well. Make a habit of it. 
St. Francis de Sales: The Devout Life

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