Daily Thought For January 23, 2018

When Jesus Is In Our Boat -We Stay Afloat!
     When the hurricane rages and we find ourselves faced with similar situations; when all our efforts seem to be achieving nothing, we must follow the example of the Apostles, turn to Jesus and put all our trust in him: Save, Lord; we are perishing. Then we will feel the effectiveness of his infinite power and will be filled with confidence and serenity. 
     Why are you afraid, 0 men of little faith? He says to his followers, when He sees them overcome with anxiety and convinced that they are sinking. Why are you afraid if I am with you? He is the certainty of certainties. It is enough to be with him in his boat, where He can see us, for us to overcome all the fears we have and the difficulties we may encounter, when we are overwhelmed by meagre results and worry, by trials, by a sense of being misunderstood and by temptations. A lack of trustful certainty only makes its appearance when our faith is weak. Such weakness does bring with it a lack of trust. Precisely at such moments we may forget that the greater the difficulty, the more powerful God's help will be. This will always be the case when we strive to live fully our vocation as Christians, whatever our situation. .. in our family life, in our daily work ... , in carrying out our apostolate. 
    Jesus wants to see us filled with his peace and serenity, at all times and in all circumstances. Do not be afraid, it is I, He says to his disciples, who are terrified by huge seas. On another occasion He says: I tell you, my friends, do not fear? From the moment of his entry into the world He showed what his presence among men would be like. The message of the Incarnation begins precisely with these words: Do not be afraid, Mary?And the Angel of the Lord was to say to Joseph: Joseph, son of David, do not fear. 'To the shepherds He would say once again: Be not afraid? We cannot be afraid of anything. Even the holy fear of God is a form of love; it is nothing but the fear of losing him. 
From In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez Volume 4 pp. 30-31

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