Daily Thought For October 23, 2016

Our Mission Is Set
     "My soul aches for the loneliness of this generation. Too many are unloved. Too many do not know the secure love of a holy family. Too many are unaware of the great love their God has for them. This must change. Dear soul of the Kingdom, you are chosen to assist Me in this mission of love. You must bring My words to others. Do you know of someone who is sad and struggling? Do you see pain or bitterness in your friends? Bring My words to them and I promise you that I will minister to their souls. I will surround them with heavenly love and tenderness. Any mistakes they have made will be forgiven. I do not seek to condemn anyone. I came to the world to save souls, to rescue them. I am returning to the world to reclaim it for souls. You are My blessed apostle. You must assist Me. You know that I love you. I will heal you and place you on the path that is marked out for you. And then you must bring Me to others. You must comfort others with the comfort that was given to you. Will you do this for Me? I will do all of the work. You must allow My Spirit to reside in your soul and through this Spirit of Truth others will return to Me. I am all powerful. I am capable of healing the most hardened sinner. You may think that you cannot do this because the pain of others is too great. I assure you, little soul, even the greatest pain and bitterness is nothing for Me to heal. I have cleansed the darkest, most hardened sinners. And they became some of My most loyal servants. I am calling others from the darkness. And I am using you to do so."

from Climbing The Mountain from "Anne" a lay apostle pp.248-249

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