Saturday, June 4, 2016

Daily Thought For June 4, 2016

Prayer From A Prisoner

OH GOD, give me the courage to call you Father. You know that I do not always give you the attention you deserve. You do not forget me, even though I so often live far from the light of your face. 

Come close, despite everything, despite my sin however great or small, secret or public, it may be. Give me inner peace, that which only you know how to give. Give me the strength to be true, sincere; tear away from my face the masks that obscure the awareness that I am worthy only because I am your son. Forgive me my faults and grant me the possibility to do good. 

Shorten my sleepless nights; grant me the grace of a conversion of heart. 

Remember, Father, those who are outside of here and still love me, that thinking of them, I remember that only love gives life, while hate destroys and resentment transforms into hell long and endless days. Remember me, oh God. Amen. 

- A prayer by an inmate named Stefan recited during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the Roman District Prison of Rebibbia, December 18, 2011