Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Daily Thought For June 28, 2016

Lord, Save Us!


Matthew 8:23–27


“Lord, save us!”

Today’s Gospel paints a dramatic picture for us. Jesus and his disciples are sailing on the sea when suddenly a violent storm breaks out. The rough sea tosses the boat as waves crash over it and fill it with water. We can imagine the power of this storm. The disciples are terrified, afraid for their lives. When they turn to Jesus, however, he is sound asleep! How can he sleep at a time like this? Perhaps he is very tired. But perhaps it is because Jesus is not afraid. His dialogue with the frightened disciples indicates this may be the case, for he asks: “Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?” The disciples are afraid because they don’t have much faith. Jesus, instead, is not afraid because he trusts his Father.

We too want to trust God in a similar way as we encounter storms in life. We know that faith is not a feeling, but a deep belief in all that God has revealed. Our deep beliefs give us the courage to be faithful and to continue on in all of the circumstances of our daily life. These beliefs lead us to trust in God’s merciful and powerful love for us.

Just as Jesus intervenes in the storm in today’s Gospel, he also intervenes in our storms and in all that challenges us. Sometimes he does this in a dramatic way and at other times he walks along with us, listens to us, encourages us, strengthens us, and gives us the graces we need to be faithful to our commitments and choices. Jesus also brings unimaginable good out of whatever challenges and sufferings we encounter and endure.

In the midst of the storm, the disciples turn to Jesus, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” This is the key: believing and trusting. We can confidently turn to Jesus for help, for he is faithful.


Jesus, what an example you give me! Your trust in your Father gave you courage and kept you calm. How I want this! It would help me to reflect more often on your goodness, mercy, and unconditional love for me. If I would remember that you never abandon me and are able to bring good out of every circumstance, I would learn to trust you more. Please help me, Jesus. Deepen these beliefs in my heart. Obtain for me the gifts of a deeper faith and trust. During the day, remind me to turn to you in all of my needs.


I place my trust in your saving help.

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