Sunday, April 10, 2016

Daily Thought For April 10, 2015

Lower Your Net For A Catch


John 21:1–19


“Cast the net.…”

The boat rocks gently on placid waters that mirror the coloring sky. Vague shapes can be seen in the semidarkness as the fishermen move about swiftly, casting the net. Once the mesh sinks into the water, the sea boils with fish and the net fills quickly. It almost bursts. All this happens because the disciples had obeyed the dim figure standing on the lake-shore.

In his document for the beginning of the third millennium, John Paul II wrote about another marvelous catch—one recounted in the Gospel of Luke. In that document, the Holy Father urged the Church—urged us—to “put out into the deep” (see Lk 5:4) and lower our own nets.

The Pope sent out a call to each of us, and that call needn’t frighten us. Lowering the nets doesn’t have to involve great things. It needn’t require much time. Often it just asks a little effort. We don’t need to be gifted speakers or have winsome personalities. We simply need to ask the Lord to work through us, and then avoid getting in his way. If we’re convinced of Jesus’ unconditional love for us and others, we can do it.

Where to begin?
If my time is limited, I can start very simply. Where can I come out of my comfort zone and do an act of kindness? Is there some good deed I’ve intended to do but haven’t gotten around to? When will I schedule it in? If I provide opportunities, the Lord’s goodness can reach out through me.

If I have more time, so much the better. Can I join a church or civic volunteer group, for example? Or simply form the habit of visiting the sick to say a good word?

My world teems with possibilities. How will I respond?


Lord Jesus, Risen One, may I see the world with new eyes, bathed in the light of your resurrection. Your paschal mystery has brought you among us in a new way, present through the action of your Spirit but invisible to our earthly sight. You call me to be your hands, feet, and voice, so you can reach out to the people of this time and place through me. You want me to help them know about your love and concern for them. Let me know the right moment and help me choose the right words or actions. Enable me to forget myself so that you can act. Amen.


Yes! At the first opportunity I will “cast my net.”

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