Monday, December 21, 2015

Daily Thought For December 21, 2015

Power In Weakness

ONLY WHEN I DISCOVER that [God] loves me in spite of all my infidelities, when I really discover the mercy of God to me, only then shall I discover the true, compassionate face of Jesus: only then shall I discover that I was a captive, I was the oppressed. He comes to break the yoke. I am the one who had the yoke on my shoulders and yet, did not know it: I was blind. 

Now you have liberated me ... ; you have made me free .... [Jesus] comes to make us free, to give us the freedom of the Spirit. He takes' away the yoke which crushes our shoulders. This, doesn't mean that he liberates us from worries or administration, these are our problems. But he renders these problems very light if we let the Spirit come into us. "Come to me, all you who labor, and rest." All you who labor in administration, put your worries in the hands of Jesus. 

If we are firmly convinced how weak and incapable we are, how our decisions are frequently tainted by egocentric motivations, how unfaithful we are to the Spirit, how sinful and unloving we really are, he will transform our hearts and give us a new strength. Conscious of our weakness, we must at the same time maintain a living and burning hope, and a confidence that he is with us; that he helps us, that he loves us and guides us. Then we can begin to live without too much worry. 

Jean Vanier (from The Magnificat Year of Mercy Companion p.23)