Friday, December 4, 2015

Daily Thought For December 4, 2015

The Gift of Faith

Let it be done for you according to your faith. (Matthew 9:29)

Google the word “challenge” on the Internet, and more than 1.1 billion results come up. It seems we are a people who crave challenge. Well, Jesus’ words challenge us today to ask ourselves, “What do I have faith for?” Perhaps you have the faith to attend Mass on Sundays, but not to move mountains—at least not yet. Maybe you have the faith to pray for healing of fevers, but not restoration of sight to the blind—not yet.

You see, it’s not a question of what you lack, but of how much faith you already have. Because you do have faith! You read the Scriptures. You want to do better in prayer. You are seeking to know Jesus better. You wouldn’t do any of this if you didn’t believe that God exists and that it’s worth trying to get to know him better. So seeking the Lord, loving him, and serving him—this means that your faith is growing. You are a “work in progress,” and that’s perfectly fine with God. He is patient and faithful; having begun the work of faith in you, he will keep right on helping you grow in it, just as long as you keep trying to follow him.

So embrace the faith you have today! Rejoice in it. Thank God for it. Trust your heavenly Father to increase your faith today, tomorrow, and throughout Advent.

Now, ask yourself again, “What do I have faith for?” Sit quietly and reflect. The Holy Spirit will help you see your faith; don’t worry if it seems little to you. Remember Jesus’ promise that faith the size of a tiny seed can move mountains.

Maybe your faith today will seem as basic as believing that you will hear God’s voice a little more clearly this Advent. Or perhaps it will help you choose to forgive, even when you don’t see any immediate change in the person you are forgiving. You will see yourself growing closer to the Lord as you let your faith, not your feelings or temptations, lead you through your days. If you make mistakes or see what looks like failure, don’t worry. That’s all part of learning and growing! One day you might actually move mountains!

“Lord, thank you for the gift of faith! Help me be as patient with myself as you are with me.”

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