Daily Thought For September 1, 2014

Bridging The Chasm

It has been said that the greatest chasm in the world is the distance between the mind and the heart. So when St. Paul went to Corinth, he didn’t focus on sublime teaching about God or argue about moral issues. He simply presented Christ crucified, risen, victorious, powerful. He didn’t give the people teachings about Christ as much as he gave them Christ himself. He wanted to bridge that chasm!

Paul’s words were so effective because he showed the heart-to-heart, person-to-person relationship that Jesus came to give us. He showed that Jesus is more than a great teacher; he is our salvation. He is not just an idea; he is a person. Jesus himself is the very foundation of our faith.

So let’s connect with Jesus on a personal level, a “heart” level, today. Let’s allow the Scriptures to bring us face to face and heart to heart with the Lord. Reread today’s Gospel and place yourself in the scene. As the synagogue members listen to Jesus and note the graciousness of his words, they still can’t bridge that gap between their minds and their hearts. They are impressed with him intellectually and emotionally, but they still can’t get past what they know of him. He grew up with them; they played together as children; they worked together at their trades. He couldn’t possibly be more than they already know! And so their polite approval changes to fury when Jesus exposes their closed hearts.

Jesus’ heart must have ached to see his neighbors unable to accept him.

What about you? Will you go deeper than what you know about the Lord? Will you let him—Jesus, the person, and not just the ideas about him—touch your heart?

“Lord, I believe that you are more than I know. I don’t want to be just convinced about who you are. I want to meet you and know you personally. Jesus, come and be the foundation of my faith!”

Daily Reflection from The Word Among Us (www.wau.org)

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