Saturday, June 14, 2014

Daily Thought For June 14, 2014

A Celebration of God's Faithfulness

O Lord, your life in me is a wonderful gift! A blessing and a privilege, it is unexpected, unmerited, and unwarranted. And yet you give it so freely! To have a relationship with you is a “portion” beyond measure. To feel your presence and to hear your voice—thank you for this gift! To hide myself in the shadow of your wings—thank you for the protection you offer me.
Because you are my inheritance, Father, you hold me close to your heart, and I am safe. I trust that no one and nothing can snatch me out of your hands! No one is stronger than you. No one can outsmart you or trick you into letting me go. I am in awe of the fact that you, almighty God, keep me secure. Your eyes are ever upon me, even as you rule over all creation!
Nothing, O Lord, compares to this portion, this inheritance, that I have received from you. If I were to own everything in the world but still not have this inheritance, I would be poor indeed. I would have nothing of eternal value, nothing to delight me and sustain me in all the ups and downs of life. Only you give me wisdom and instruction, direction and guidance, counsel and correction and consolation.
Therefore, Father, I will remain confident in you. I know that you will never abandon me. Though I sometimes exert my will in opposition to you and find myself battered and worn, you lead me back to yourself with compassion and kindness. I bless you, Lord! I want to be as faithful to you as you have been to me. May I never abandon you or wander far from your protecting hand!
Thank you, Lord, for giving me every reason to be glad and rejoice! Thank you for giving me every reason to remain confident! Thank you for giving me an inheritance that can never be spent or exhausted, a portion that will never lose value. I am so grateful that you live in me. I take comfort knowing that you are with me every minute of every day.
“Yes, Lord, my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices!”

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