Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daily Thought For June 11, 2014

Share The Treasure

     To be committed to the new evangelization means that we are convinced that we have something of value to offer to the human family at the dawn of the new millennium .... It is not enough to offer a "merely human wisdom, a pseudoscience of well-being.t'" We must be convinced that we have "a pearl of great price" (see Mt 13:46), a great "treasure" (see Mt 13:44), which is fundamental to the earthly existence and eternal salvation of every member of the human race .... 
     At a time like this, when many are confused regarding the fundamental truths and values on which to build their lives and seek their eternal salvation; when many Catholics are in danger of losing their faith-the pearl of great price; when there are not enough priests, not enough religious sisters and brothers to give support and guidance, not enough contemplative religious to keep before people's eyes the sense of the absolute supremacy of God, we must be convinced that Christ is knocking at many hearts, looking for young people like you to send into the vineyard, where an abundant harvest is ready ....
     Let us earnestly pray to the Lord of the harvest that the youth of the world will not hesitate to reply: "Here am I! Send me!" "Send Us!"

from Breakfast with the Pope—120 Daily Readings #87