Daily Thought For June 1, 2020

Be Encouraged!

SOMETIMES WE CAN BE OVERWHELMED with the challenge of making progress on the spiritual journey. Sometimes we can become discouraged and be tempted to think that we can never hope to reach our destination. Every saint and Doctor we have learnt from in the pages of this book wants us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this journey is for everyone, and that if we persevere, by His grace, we will surely reach journey’s end. Let’s meditate on these words of encouragement addressed to us by those who truly are our friends and companions on the journey.

    In the first place it should be known that if anyone is seeking God, the Beloved is seeking that person much more. (John of the Cross)

    The soul seeks the Word, but has been first sought by the Word.… Let her seek him as she can, provided she remembers that she was first sought, as she was first loved; and it is because of this that she herself both seeks and loves.
    It is my belief that to a person so disposed, God will not refuse that most intimate kiss of all, a mystery of supreme generosity and ineffable sweetness. (Bernard of Clairvaux)

    We have seen how every soul—even if burdened with sin, enmeshed in vice, ensnared by the allurements of pleasure, a captive in exile, imprisoned in the body, caught in mud, fixed in mire, bound to its members, a slave to care, distracted by business, afflicted with sorrow, wandering and straying, filled with anxious forebodings and uneasy suspicions, a stranger in a hostile land, and, according to the Prophet, sharing the defilement of the dead and counted with those who go down into hell—every soul, I say, standing thus under condemnation and without hope, has the power to turn and find it can not only breathe the fresh air of the hope of pardon and mercy, but also dare to aspire to the nuptials of the Word, not fearing to enter into alliance with God or to bear the sweet yoke of love with the King of angels. (Bernard of Clairvaux)

    Concerning souls that have entered the third dwelling places, for the Lord has done them no small favor, but a very great one, in letting them get through the first difficulties. I believe that through the goodness of God there are many of these souls in the world. They long not to offend His Majesty, even guarding themselves against venial sins; they are fond of doing penance and setting aside periods for recollection; they spend their time well, practicing works of charity toward their neighbors; and are very balanced in their use of speech and dress and in the governing of their households—those who have them. Certainly this is a state to be desired. And, in my opinion, there is no reason why entrance even into the final dwelling place should be denied these souls, nor will the Lord deny them this entrance if they desire it; for such a desire is an excellent way to prepare oneself so that every favor may be granted. (Teresa of Avila)

    May the most sweet Jesus, Bridegroom of faithful souls, be pleased to bring all who invoke his name to this marriage. (John of the Cross)

    Oh Jesus! Why can’t I tell all little souls how unspeakable is Your condescension? I feel that if You found a soul weaker and littler than mine, which is impossible, You would be pleased to grant it still greater favors, provided it abandoned itself with total confidence to Your Infinite Mercy. But why do I desire to communicate Your secrets of Love, O Jesus, for was it not You alone who taught them to me, and can You not reveal them to others? Yes, I know it, and I beg You to do it. I beg You to cast Your Divine Glance upon a great number of little souls. I beg You to choose a legion of little Victims worthy of your love! (Thérèse of Lisieux)

And how shall this come to pass for each one of us?

    “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.” (Lk. 1:35)

May all of us wholeheartedly say with Mary, in all simplicity, humility and trust:

    May it be done to me according to your word. (Lk. 1:38)

Blessed saints—Augustine, Bernard, Catherine, Teresa, John, Francis, Thérèse—pray for us!

Martin, R. (2006). The Fulfillment of All Desire: A Guidebook for the Journey to God Based on the Wisdom of the Saints (pp. 441–443). Steubenville, OH: Emmaus Road Publishing.

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