Daily Thought For March 16, 2017

Those Who Seek With A Sincere Desire Will Always Be Assisted

     This is the gift of my providence, which has seen to your need for salvation in so many different ways from the beginning of the world until today, and will continue to do so right up to the end. I, the true and just doctor, give you whatever I see your weakness needs to make you perfectly healthy and to keep you healthy. My providence will never fail those who want to receive it. Whoever wants to experience my goodness in my providence has only to look at those who hope in me, who knock and call out not just with words but with love enlightened by most holy faith. I do not mean those who knock and shout only with empty words, calling out to me, “Lord! Lord!” I tell you, unless they make their requests of me with some other virtue, I will acknowledge them not with mercy but with justice. So I tell you, my providence will not fail those who truly hope in me, but it will fail those who hope not in me but in themselves. 

from The Dialogue by St. Catherine of Siena p. 280 (The Classics of Western Spirituality Series)

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