Daily Thought For February 20, 2017

A Calm Mind Is A Great Asset

A calm mind is a great asset in this life without it your devotional life will not bear much fruit If your heart is troubled, you are vulnerable to the enemy of the soul. When you are agitated, you are no able to make good decisions. You will stumble into snares. 
The enemy detests this peace in you. He knows that is the place where the Spirit of God dwells. That's why he devises such devilish ways to destroy this peace. 
Avoid rash acts. Even if you are sure the Holy Spirit wants you to do something, wait. Put off doing it until your eagerness has declined. Introduced with that kind of self-control, a good work is more pleasing to God than if it were done too hastily. 
It is also necessary to overcome a certain inner regret. Sometimes we think our bad conscience is being generated by God, when in fact it is the work of the devil. Here is the way to tell: If your regret results in greater humility and increases your desire to serve God, receive it with gratitude as a gift from heaven. If it creates anxiety, makes you sad, depressed, fearful, and slow to do your duty, then we can be sure it has been suggested by the enemy. Disregard it. 
Lawrence Scupoli: The Spiritual Combat 

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