Daily Thought For November 4, 2016

True Security Rests In God Alone
      If you choose me as your companion you will not be alone; my love will always be with you.      You will never fear anyone or anything, for you will find your security in me. 
      With me as your companion you will live in the light of faith with hope and fortitude, with true patience and perseverance, all the days of your life. 
     I loved you before you existed, and knowing this you can place your trust in my love and set aside every fear. 
    Enjoy my love, live in me and take from me the light of my wisdom. 
    Confront the princes and tyrants of this world with my strength. 
    Take from me the fire of my Spirit and share with all my mercy and my burning love. 
    You are not alone.     You have me. 
St. Catherine of Siena - Set Aside Every Fear 


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