Thursday, October 29, 2015

Daily Thought For October 29, 2015

Do Not Stifle The Holy Spirit

The Scriptures say without hesitation that God's Spirit lives in us, gives us life, speaks to us in silence, inspires us, and that it is so much a part of us that we are united with the Lord in Spirit. This is basic Christian teaching. 

The Spirit of God is the soul of our soul! We are blind if we think that we are alone in the interior sanctuary. God is actually more present in this place than we are. We are constantly inspired, but we suppress the inspiration. God is always speaking to us, but the external noise of the world and the internal churning of our passions confuse us. We can't hear him speaking. Everything around us needs to be silent, and we must be quiet within. We need to focus our entire being to hear the soft whisper of his voice. The only ones who hear it are those who listen to nothing else. 
It is unfortunate that the soul is so infrequently still. 

Our selfish desires interfere with the voice within us. We are aware that it is speaking to us. We know that it wants something of us, but we can't understand what it is saying. Sometimes we are glad about that! 

The inspiration of which I speak is not identical to that of the prophets. They were commanded to speak certain words or to do particular things. On the contrary, this inspiration restricts itself to lessons in obedience, patience, meekness, humility, and the other Christian virtues. It is nothing more than a simple invitation from the depth of our being to be obedient to the will of God. 

Francois de Fenelon: Meditations and Devotions