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Daily Thought For July 31, 2020

For The Greater Glory of God All the things in this world are gifts of God, created for us, to be the means by which we can come to know him better, love him more surely, and serve him more faithfully. St. Ignatius of Loyola

Daily Thought For July 30, 2020

Put On Christ! Now that we are reborn,…

Daily Thought For July 29, 2020

St. Martha & The Joy of Coming To Faith When we first think of St. Martha, we probably remember the story of hardworking Martha and her “contemplative” sister, Mary, who didn’t help her in the kitchen (Luke 10:38-42). Many of us probably have felt sorry for Martha when Jesus rebuked her. But today, on Martha’s feast day, we read a different story. We don’t see busy Martha, complaining Martha, or worried and anxious Martha. We see steady Martha, who has the confidence to go out to meet Jesus and proclaim her faith in him—even in her grief. Martha has changed. But how did this happen? She has “come to believe” (John 11:27). And so can we. Martha’s faith was not a one-time event but a progressive growth in understanding of who Jesus was and what it meant to trust him. In this situation with her brother’s illness and death, Martha’s faith grew gradually as she spoke with Jesus and listened to him carefully. She knew that he was the Savior sent into this world. She trusted that he could

Daily Thought For July 25, 2020

Great Prayer From Sacred Story Meditations I believe God created everything in love and for love; I ask for heart-felt knowledge of God's love for me, and for gratitude for the general and particular graces of this day.  Fr. Bill Watson, S.J. Sacred Story Institute

Daily Thought For July 24, 2020

Faith Helps Us Walk In Confidence The moment I realized God existed, I knew that I could not do othewise than to live for Him Alone...Faith strips the mask from the world and renders meaningless such words as anxiety, danger and fear, so the believer goes through life calmly and peacefully, with profound joy--like a child, hand and hand with his mother. Charles de Foucauld

Daily Thought For July 23, 2020

Pray For Civic Leaders The world would have peace if only men of politics would follow the Gospels. St. Bridget of Sweden

Daily Thought For July 22, 2020

Mary Magdalene ⎼ Witness To God's Merciful Love  Yesterday, we celebrated the liturgical Memorial of St Mary Magdalene, a disciple of the Lord who plays a lead role in the Gospels. St Luke lists her among the women who followed Jesus after being "healed of evil spirits and infirmities", explaining that "seven demons had gone out" from her (Lk 8: 2). Magdalene would be present beneath the Cross with the Mother of Jesus and other women. In the early morning on the first day after the Sabbath she was to be the one to discover the empty tomb, beside which she stood weeping until the Risen Jesus appeared to her (cf. Jn 20: 11). The story of Mary of Magdala reminds us all of a fundamental truth: a disciple of Christ is one who, in the experience of human weakness, has had the humility to ask for his help, has been healed by him and has set out following closely after him, becoming a witness of the power of his merciful love that is stronger than sin and death

Daily Thought For July 21, 2020

Always See Jesus In Each Person Above all, always see Jesus in every person, and consequently treat each one not only as an equal and as a brother or sister, but also with great humility, respect and selfless generosity. Charles de Foucauld

Daily Thought For July 19, 2020

Renewing Your Mind Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I understand your struggles; I know that the world exerts relentless pressure on you, trying to squeeze you into its mold. This is why you need time alone with Me. When you open up to Me and invite Me to transform you, I can work freely in you and accomplish amazing things. One of My most challenging tasks is renovating your mind, and My Spirit is always at work on this project. He does not overwhelm you with HIs Power. Instead, He prompts you gently and convicts you cleanly—showing you where you need to make changes and helping you develop new attitudes.  Many Christians are unable to discern My will because their minds are entangled in worldliness. The glitter and glamour of this world distract them from Me, so they do not sense My nearness. As you are transformed by the renewing of your mind , you progress in your ability to discern My good and perfect will. You also becom

Daily Thought For July 18, 2020

Only Say The Word And I Shall Be Healed At communion we ought to ask for the remedy of the vice to which we feel ourselves most inclined. St. Philip Neri

Daily Thought For July 17, 2020

Great Reflection From Today's Magnificat "I Desire Mercy" Putting up with annoying people: This too is a work of mercy, and we don’t always recognize it as such. Living side by side, we Christians certainly try to love one another according to Jesus’ example and commandment. But despite everyone’s good will, occasionally people with very different personalities end up living together. Thus it is comforting to know that to put up with others is a work of mercy: to endure their behavior, their awkward manner, their nagging; basically to lovingly disregard what are really minor shortcomings. Similar to feeding the hungry and visiting the sick, this is one of the works that will be asked of us at our final examination. Servant of God Chiara Lubich

Daily Thought For July 16, 2020

St. Teresa of Calcutta's Wish For Students To students: I pray that all those young people who have graduated, do not carry just a piece of paper with them but that they carry with them love, peace, and joy. That they become the sunshine of God's love to our people, the hope of eternal happiness, and the burning flame of love wherever they go. That they become carriers of God's love. That they be able to give what they have received. For they have received not to keep but to share.  from Do Something Beautiful For God   —The Essential Teachings of Mother Teresa p.59

Daily Thought For July 15, 2020

Encouraging Words The Day After Bastille Day The Pope, as witness of a God who loves and saves, strives to be a sower of charity and hope. All of human society needs hope. This hope is all the more necessary in today’s world which offers few spiritual aspirations and few material certainties. My greatest concern is for young people. Some of them are struggling to find the right direction, or are suffering from a loss of connection with their families. Still others are experiencing the limits of religious communitarianism. Sometimes on the margins and often left to themselves, they are vulnerable and must come to terms on their own with a reality that often overwhelms them. It is necessary to offer them a sound educational environment and to encourage them to respect and assist others if they are to develop serenely towards the age of responsibility. The Church can offer her own specific contribution in this area. I am also concerned by the social situation in the Western world, mar

Daily Thought For July 13, 2020

One of My Favorite Quotes From "The Lord of the Rings"  I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. J.R.R. Tolkien

Daily Thought For July 12, 2020

Give Us Compassion We should strive to keep our hearts open to the sufferings and wretchedness of other people, and pray continually that God may grant us that spirit of compassion which is truly the spirit of God. St. Vincent de Paul

Daily Thought For July 8, 2020

Be Just And Fair Reason is the special characteristic of humans, and yet it is a rare thing to find really reasonable people, since self-love often hinders right reason, and beguiles us without our realizing it into all manner of trifling, yet dangerous acts of injustice and untruth, which, like the little foxes in the Song of Songs, “damage our vines” (Sg 2:15). Precisely because they are trifling, people pay no attention to them, and, being numerous, they do untold harm. Let me give you some examples of what I mean. We find fault with our neighbor very readily for small matters, while we pass over great things in ourselves. We strive to sell at an inflated price and buy with discounts. We are eager to deal out strict justice to others, but just as eager to obtain indulgence for ourselves. We expect a good interpretation to be put on all we say, but we are sensitive and critical of our neighbor’s words. We expect him to let us buy whatever we want of his, for we have the money,

Daily Thought For July 7, 2020

A Children's King   I was once visiting a rectory and the guest bedroom     had a familiar picture of Jesus surrounded by children.   I had seen this print so often in other places,     yet I had never stopped to see the signature of the artist.   That did not seem too important, I guess.   This time, for some reason, I was struck with the traces   of real hunger that the children revealed—all of different races—as they approached Jesus.   There they were, a kind of juvenile version of the United Nations,     circling in on the Lord.   “What were all these kids doing off on their own?” I thought.   Jesus was pictured in the center,   more or less a center of gravity around which these little ones seem to orbit.   Perhaps the portrait of Jesus’ strength     is what made the children appear so much more needy;     these were real sheep without a Shepherd.   In a certain way, as young as these children were,     they looked old, gray and weary from their journey,

Daily Thought For July 5, 2020

Give Us Everlasting Joy Lord God, when our world lay in ruins, you raised it up again on the foundation of your Son’s Passion and Death. Give us grace to rejoice in the freedom from sin which he gained for us,  and bring us to everlasting joy. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,  who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,  one God, for ever and ever. Amen! Prayer For Morning Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours)

Daily Thought For July 4, 2020

A Great Adventure You are on an adventurous trail with Me. This is not an easy time, but it is nonetheless good⏤full of blessings as well as struggles. Be open to learning all that I want to teach you as you journey through challenging terrain. And be willing to let go of familiar comforts so you can say a wholehearted "Yes!" to this adventure.  I will give you everything you need to cope with the challenges you face. Don't waste energy projecting yourself into the future ⏤ trying to walk through those "not yet" times in your mind. This is a form of unbelief. I have unlimited resources to provide what you need, including a vast army of angels at My beck and call.  Pray continually as you make decisions about this journey. I can help you make wise choices because I know everything-including what lies ahead on your path. Your mind makes various plans about your way, but I am the One who directs your steps and makes them sure.  The secret things belong to

Daily Thought For July 3, 2020

My God And My All When I began to discern between God and God's works, when I chose God and His will and left everything else in His hands, and when I learned to love others, especially my enemies as Jesus loved me, I felt great peace in my heart. Deprived of freedom, of absolutely everything and living in extreme poverty in my dark cell, I was at peace because I could say, "My God and my all". The peace that the world cannot give brought me great joy. Prisoners held captive for very long periods, without trial and in oppressive conditions, retain bitter memories and sentiments of hate and vengeance. That's a normal reaction. I was in prison for 13 years, nine of which were in solitary confinement. Two guards watched me but never spoke to me; just yes and no. But I knew that after all, they were my brothers and I had to be kind to them. I had no gift to offer as a prisoner I had nothing at all, nothing to please them. What to do? One night, a thought came. &q

Daily Thought For July 2, 2020

A Powerful Reflection Command that these two sons of mine sit, one at your right and the other at your left, in your Kingdom(Mt 20:21). Near the end of the month, on the feast of Saint James, we will hear this famous request in the Gospel at Mass. On the surface it seems like a good and holy petition. After all, the mother of the sons of Zebedee began by doing the Lord homage and she was not exactly asking to win the lottery. But what Jesus wants for those two sons of hers is even more than what she’s asked. The Lord desires not merely that they be next to him, but that they be one with him. Scratching beneath the surface First, it is worth noting that while in Matthew’s Gospel it is indeed their mother who makes the request, in Mark’s version (10:35-45) the two brothers ask for themselves. This should not suggest any tension between the two accounts, however. Saint Thomas Aquinas explained, “the mother asked after having been prompted by her sons.” (I suppose the brothers felt