Daily Thought For May 17, 2020

All Is Well

Do one thing after another, calmly and quietly. I am with you to assist you in this work, and if you are attentive to My inspirations and obedient to the sound of My voice speaking to you inwardly, you will discover that everything is unfolding according to My plan of wisdom and love for you.

All that is happening now is in My hands, and My love has ordered all things, even down to the smallest details, so as to make My care for you shine before the eyes of men. Thus will I confound the naysayers who doubt that I am at work in what you are doing by My inspiration. Go forward fearlessly and joyfully, trusting Me absolutely to provide for you, to protect you, to feed and clothe you, and to instruct you in the mysterious designs of My Heart over you and over those whom I am sending to you. 

Some of those who are most in need of what I am doing will resist and criticize it. Do not let their resistances and criticisms slow the pace of your progress. The work is Mine and I desire to see it flourish, even if, at times, it seems that there is no hope and that all My promises have been vain delusions and empty fabrications of your own making. Such is not the case. It is I who have inspired this work in you, and I will bring it to completion. It is a work of My Sacred Heart. To doubt of what I am doing here is to doubt of My love for you. My love for you will never fail. Be humble, and trust in My love for you. Be bold, and act bravely.3 I am with you, and so long as you are faithful to the adoration that I ask of you, all will unfold according to My plan, and I will stand by your decisions, and affirm the fatherhood that is My gift to you. Stay close to Me and know that I am in you, and with you, and at every moment attentive to your prayers. 

I have gathered into this cenacle, as into the hospital of My Sacred Heart, the broken-hearted, the empty, the fearful, and the lonely. This I will continue to do, for My Heart is the refuge and rest of all who trust in My love.

Monk, A Benedictine. In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart--The Journal of a Priest at Prayer (p. 224-225). Angelico Press. Kindle Edition. 

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