Daily Thought For January 30, 2020

Not By Heroic Deeds

I strive for the greatest perfection possible in order to be useful to the Church .... I have come to understand how great an influence I have on other souls, not by any heroic deeds, as these are striking 
in themselves, but by small actions like a movement of the hand, a look, and many other things too numerous to mention, which have an effect on and reflect in the souls of others, ... (Diary, 1475) 


Every hive needs worker bees. Not glamorous or heroic, just insects that, day after day, get the job done. That venture out, gather pollen, and return with it. "Saving" souls can sound both glamorous and heroic. "Touching" souls ... is what most of us are called to do. Day after day. A look of kindness. A word of support. A silent prayer. 


I want to get better at thinking small, Lord. At thinking local. At seeing those who walk among me so hungry for the look, the word, or the prayer that will transform their day. I want to do that, Lord. 

Jesus, I trust in You. 

from Day by Day with Saint Faustina 365 Reflections by Susan Tassone p.63

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