Daily Thought For September 5, 2019

God Is In Charge ⎼ Enjoy The Journey

Thus, it is optimism that enables us to confide the events of our life to the good pleasure of God's will, just as simple children humbly trust in the gently loving guidance of their parents.

     As long as you realize that God is holding on to you by your will and resolution to serve him, go on boldly and do not be upset by your little set-backs and falls; there is . no need to be put out by this provided you throw yourself into his arms from time to time and kiss him with the kiss of charity. Go on joyfully and with your heart as open and widely trustful as possible; and if you cannot always be joyful, at least be brave and confident. (Selected Letters, pp.45-46) 
     Go straight on, and always in God's sight. God takes pleasure in seeing you make your little steps; and like a good father who holds his child by the hand, he will conform his steps to yours and will be quite happy not to go any faster than you. What are you anxious about? Whether you are taking this road or that other way, going fast or slow? All that matters is that he is with you, and you with him. (Selected Letters, p. 160) 

from Praying with Francis de Sales by Thomas F. Dailey p.98

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