Daily Thought For August 4, 2019

Allowing The Holy Spirit To Guide Us

Trust in the guidance of the One whom I have sent to befriend you, the Holy Spirit, your Advocate. Learn to listen to His gentle leading. The more you follow Him, the more will you understand where and how He is leading you. This is the secret of holiness: to be led by the Holy Spirit in all things. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit actively. Call upon Him, for He is, at every moment, available to you. He dwells with Me and with My Father in the sanctuary of your soul. He is your Advocate against the world, the flesh, and the Evil One, the accuser. He is your Advocate with My Father. 

It is the Holy Spirit who unites your soul to Mine, your heart to My Heart in such wise that when you pray, it is My own prayer that ascends to the Father as a fragrant incense. The Holy Spirit comes to the aid of your infirmity, for, it is true, you do not know how to pray as you ought. The unseen work of the Holy Spirit is to bring souls into accord with My priestly intercession before the Father in the sanctuary of heaven and in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. 

When you come to adoration, put aside every anxiety and care of yours, and allow the Holy Spirit gently to unite you to the prayer that rises from My Eucharistic Heart to the Father. Every need of yours is contained in the prayer I offer to My Father. Be at peace. You may want to pray for this thing or for that, and such prayer is good and is pleasing to My Father, but there is another way, a higher way, and that is to yield to the prayer of My Sacred Heart present in the Most Holy Eucharist and in the glory of heaven. I send the Holy Spirit upon you and upon all My priests that they may enter into this priestly intercession of Mine, without forsaking that other form of intercession, which is, as I said, is also pleasing to My Father when it is childlike and full of confidence in 
His loving providence. 

Intercession is not incompatible with adoration. The soul who adores Me present in the Sacrament of My love will be united to Me in My everlasting intercession before the Face of My Father. My intercession is everlasting even in the glory of eternity because I chose to keep the wounds in My hands and in My feet and in My side. They constitute an uninterrupted pleading for the sake of all: for those in glory that they may go from light to light and from sweetness to sweetness; for those on earth that they may find in My wounds healing, purity, and holiness; and for the souls in purgatory that by the merits of My holy wounds they may be refreshed and delivered. 

I want to impress the marks of My wounds deep in the soul of every priest. My wounds reproduced in the souls of My priests authenticate their intercession at the altar. This is the spiritual stigmata that is the perfection of priestly holiness. The indelible character of My priesthood in your soul renders you capable of this perfect identification with Me in My crucified priesthood and victimhood, and in My glorious priesthood in heaven where I remain for all eternity an offering to My Father. 

You have not yet begun to grasp the potential of priestly holiness, This is what I have wanted to teach you for so long, but the time is now. Accept what I will show you and allow Me to configure you entirely to Myself. Only in this way will you become capable of the work for which I have destined you. 

Now, be silent. Adore Me. Trust Me. I have only begun to show you the path of holiness that I am opening before you. And give thanks to Me, for I have saved you, through a particular intervention of My most holy Mother, from the fate that the Evil One was preparing for you for so long a time. 

from In Sinu Jesu ⎼ When Heart Speaks To Heart The Journal Of A Priest At Prayer pp.51-53

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