Daily Thought For July 22, 2019

The Liberating Power Of God's Love

     Only love heals, only love liberates, only love redeems. By bringing love into the depths of My Passion and by putting all the bitterness and hatred of sin expressed in My sufferings in contact with My love, I redeemed the world, atoned for sin, and restored to My Father the glory that is due Him from the creatures whom He created to bless Him and fill the world with the sound of His praises. 
     The redemption is the work of love. I loved in the face of hatred. I loved in the face of death. I loved even in the netherworld, where the just of the ages awaited My coming among them. It is by love that I vanquished hell, by love that I triumphed over death, by love that I undid what Satan, in his envy, had plotted against the creatures whom I so love and whom My Father destined for the praise of His glory. 
     Love is not a feeling; it is an act of the will, a movement of the heart, a glance of hope directed to My Father-for where there is love, there is confidence, and where there is confidence, the victory of love is assured. 

from In Sinu Jesu ⏤ When Heart Speaks to Heart The Journal Of A Priest At Prayer pp. 134-135

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