Daily Thought For July 21, 2019

Beautiful Prayer From A World Youth Day

Lord Jesus Christ, proclaim once more
your Beatitudes in the presence of these young people,
gathered in Toronto for the World Youth Day.

Look upon them with love and listen to their young hearts,
ready to put their future on the line for you.

You have called them to be
the "salt of the earth and light of the world".

Continue to teach them the truth and beauty
of the vision that you proclaimed on the Mountain.

Make them men and women of the Beatitudes!
Let the light of your wisdom shine upon them,
so that in word and deed they may spread
in the world the light and salt of the Gospel.

Make their whole life a bright reflection of you,
who are the true light that came into this world
so that whoever believes in you will not die,

but will have eternal life (cf. Jn 3:16)!

Pope John Paul II World Youth Day Welcoming Center July 25, 2002

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