Daily Thought For July 18, 2019

Go Forward With Confidence & With Peace

My love for you is unchanging. It is faithful and it is as strong as it is tender. I will never forsake you and you must never doubt that I have chosen you to be a privileged friend of My Heart, and this in spite of the sins by which you so grieved Me and wounded My little ones. All is forgiven; the past has been consumed in the fire of My merciful love. Now, you have only to rejoice in the love with which I have turned your life into an act of adoration and of obedience to My designs. Trust in the love of My Heart for you. Go forward with confidence and with peace, for I am with you and you are Mine and My love will never fail you. 

from In Sinu Jesu ⏤ When Heart Speaks To Heart The Journal Of A Priest At Prayer pp.154-155

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