Daily Thought For May 23, 2019

Controlling One's Own Opinion

     My CHILD, everybody likes to follow his own way of thinking. Every man prefers to associate with those who agree with his ideas. Yet, it is so foolish for you to think too highly of your own opinion.  
2. Nobody knows all the answers. The man who is always talking does not advance much in knowledge. A good listener will always learn more than the one who talks too much. 
3. It is not always necessary to point out the mistakes of others. Even when you know better, you need not always express your opinion. In fact, many discussions are unnecessary and unimportant. So often, too, opinions depend on people's likes and dislikes. Why argue when it is not an important matter? 
4. To those who know how to control their tongues for My sake, I grant the grace of interior peace. 
5. Do not love your own opinions too much. 
Be humble enough to seek advice when you need it. Do not try to be independent of all other opinions. Different opinions may bring you a broader' understanding of yourself as well as of others. 
     At times I must hold my tongue for the sake of peace. Many unimportant things are said and done in daily life. It is my pride that makes me want to correct people at the slightest opportunity. Corrections are· unnecessary in many things. I should not place too much confidence in my own sentiments and opinions. In small, unimportant matters I do no harm by keeping silent and listening to opinions which do not agree with mine. It takes a deep humility and a delicate charity to act in this way. 
     O Jesus, King of truth, help me to preserve peace and harmony among those around me. Teach me to work and labor for what is right. Let me never listen in silence to what is contrary to Your teachings, or hurtful to my neighbor or my own soul. Yet, show me how to be considerate of other people's feelings and opinions as far as it can be done without compromising Your truth. Grant me the humility to follow advice when necessary. Let me love Your truth more than my own opinions. Amen. 

from My Daily Bread pp.215-216

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