Friday, July 7, 2017

Daily Thought For July 7, 2017

Fat & Holy

     Society tells us we are a product of our environment, our background, and I suppose we are in a way. But I think this sometimes keeps us from holiness. St. Francis Borgia came out of one of the most rotten families in Italy: the Borgias. His great-grandfather was Pope Alexander VI, an evil man.
     Francis is a great consolation to me. First of all, he was big and fat, and I have a little weight problem. Francis Borgia was so fat they had to cut a hole in the table so he could reach his food. St. Thomas Aquinas was also rotund. He would get nervous and all he did was eat, eat, eat. And don't believe those skinny statues of St. Anthony you've seen. He was no slim Jim either. He was fat, real fat.
      I love to pick the saints apart, but I fear there'll have to be a solitary confinement in heaven, just for me. I've been telling the truth about the saints for so many years, nobody will want to talk to me when I get up there. 

from Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons, and Everyday Spirituality edited and with additional material by Raymond Arroyo p. 167

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