Daily Thought For December 13, 2016

Don’t Dwell On The Past
     Inner turmoil over past mistakes or sins indicates lack of trust in Jesus. He knows the weakness of our fallen nature. He wants to transform the energy and time you put into self-flagellation into resolute desire to call on his grace so that you can be better, precisely in the area of the shameful sin that haunts you.
     Refusal to accept forgiveness from God can have other bad consequences. After all, if you believe you can’t be forgiven, how well do you forgive others? There were saints who were murders but who lived to repent and became holy: St. Paul was the first. 
     A prayer you might say when bad memories of the past assail you is this:
     “Here I am, Jesus, Savior. You know everything I have ever done wrong. I give you my painful memories. I accept that pain as part of my punishment. 
     “I place in your heart anyone who was victimized by my sins. We are yours. Let me not omit the loving deeds you want of me today through preoccupation with bad ones of the past.”
from Help in Time of Need - Encouragement, Practical Advice, & Prayers by Ronda Chervin, PhD pp.39-40

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