Daily Thought For September 28, 2016

A Prayer For Renewal
Father, I simply come to you
I come the way I am in all my poverty
I know I can come to you no matter what
I come to seek your mercy and grace anew
Forgive me for my mistakes and failures
The times when I have lost my way
When my priorities have not been in a proper order
I accept anew the free gift of your love that you offer me
The free gift of life eternal through your son Jesus Christ
I acknowledge anew Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life
Father, I want to start anew today
Send your Holy Spirit to fill my heart afresh
Let the fire of your spirit purify my heart
Seize my heart in the fire of your Love
Come Holy Spirit as in the Upper Room
Come in your power and empower my life
Set free in me the gifts that you have for my life.
Stir a fervent desire to commune with you daily
Release the gift of true and persevering prayer
Transform me into a Burning Bush
Use me as an instrument for the building of Your Kingdom
In Jesus’ Name, for this I pray.
 From The Burning Bush by Kim Catherine-Marie Kollins with Alessandra Nucci p.104

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