Daily Thought For September 20, 2016

Friendship With The Lord
One thing is needful: an ever-increasing friendship with the Lord. This should be the constant object of our heart ... Everything that separates us from this goal, no matter how important it may appear, has to take second place to that which is our ultimate end. Distractions from this goal may even be seen as doing us positive harm. The greatest good we can offer to our family, our colleagues, our friends, — to society itself — is our union with the Lord. The means to this union include keeping presence of God during the day, a serious effort at daily prayer, frequent Confession . .. The greatest harm would come if we were to neglect precisely these means that lead us to Jesus. This neglect might come about through disorder, lukewarmness, and yielding to the temptation to spend our energies on other, more attractive activities. St Ignatius of Antioch wrote to St Polycarp that we have to desire friendship with God: As a pilot calls on winds and a storm-tossed mariner looks haven ward, so the times call on you to win your way to God.
Real friendship with the Lord will unfailingly enrich all our actions. The absence of that friendship will devalue and impoverish whatever we do. Whenever we notice that life's concerns seem to be crowding out the time we have reserved for the Lord, then we need to hear again the Lord's words to Martha: One thing is needful. Our pursuit of holiness should be the highest priority in our life. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.
Thank the Lord for the enormous gift He has granted you by making you understand that 'only one thing is necessary. ' And along with that thanksgiving may no day go past without your offering a prayer of petition for those who as yet have no idea of this duty or do not understand it. What a joy it is to know that the purpose of our existence is to grow in love for Jesus Christ! What a joy to share this Good News with others! Let us ask Our Lady to help us never to lose sight of the Lord while we struggle to perform our daily work to perfection for his glory. 
from In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez Volume 5 pp.182-183

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