Daily Thought For September 19, 2016

A Love That Does Not Walk Away
   We can always count on Christ's love. Even during the worst moments of our life He does not stop loving us. We can always count on his help to return to the right path if we have lost it, to begin and begin again. He keeps us fighting, and a leader on the battlefield values more the soldier who, having fallen back in flight at first, returns to the fray and attacks the enemy with valor, than he does the soldier who never ran but never showed outstanding courage. He who never sins is not sanctified, but he is who always repents, trusting in the love God has for him, getting up and getting on with the fight. To have defects is not in itself bad. The only evil lies in making a truce with them, not struggling against them, thinking that they are part and parcel of our character or our nature. Making such a truce would lead to spiritual mediocrity. Our Lord does not want this to happen to those who follow him. 
from In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez p.358

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