Thursday, August 11, 2016

Daily Thought For August 11, 2016

Avoiding Anxiety

Do not let anxiety sabotage your search for God.

You know well that when you search for something anxiously you can come upon it a hundred times without ever seeing it.

Anxiety masquerades as true spiritual energy, even as it wearies our mind, drains our enthusiasm, and deadens our soul.

It pretends to stir up our soul, but all it does is dampen our spirit. It pushes us until we stumble over our own feet.

We need to be on watch for this impostor that would have us believing that our spiritual life depends completely on our efforts, so that the more panicked we are, the more anxiously we search, the more likely we are to find God.

Let God do his part. Be patient.

Not even our best efforts can earn the blessings of God.

Our role is to be ready, to receive God's gifts with an open heart - carefully, humbly, and serenlely.

St. Francis De Sales