Monday, March 28, 2016

Daily Thought For March 28, 2016

The Resurrection & Hope

God raised this Jesus; of this we are all witnesses. (Acts 2:32)

Remember a time when you had exciting news? You couldn’t wait to tell your family or a close friend. You walked with an extra bounce in your step. Smiling came easy, and your heart was filled with hope. Well, today we have more than enough of a reason to not be silent: Jesus is risen from the dead! He has triumphed over sin and broken the chains of death. Now he offers a new life to all of us. Because of the miracle of Easter, it is clear that nothing is impossible for God.

Everyone needs to have something to hope in. The problem is that the world tells us to limit our hopes to this world—the hope for a peaceful life, the hope for a better future for our children, the hope that we can get ahead a little bit in the world. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these hopes, but they don’t satisfy the deepest yearnings of our hearts. Only Jesus and his promise of the resurrection can do that. And only Jesus can give meaning to the other hopes we cherish.

God wants to open our eyes to the beauty of a life lived in and through his Son. He wants to show us a life that includes the mysteries and wonders of heaven along with a sense of vision and purpose for our earthly lives.

Peter was excited because something new and wonderful had touched his life. As we recall how Jesus has touched our lives, we will feel compelled to share our own sense of hope and excitement with the people around us. And likewise, the more we step out of our comfort zones to talk about Jesus, the more excited we will become. Why? Because just as Peter discovered, there is power in the message of the gospel. People’s lives change when they hear it—even if it comes from everyday people like ourselves. So don’t be afraid to tell people about God’s love. Don’t be afraid to tell them about how Jesus’ resurrection can overcome their fear and sin. People are longing for the answer—and you can give it to them!

“Jesus, risen Lord, give me the boldness to share the good news of your victory today. Help me not to stay silent but to proclaim that you are our best and brightest hope!”

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