Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daily Thought For March 13, 2016

Getting Set Free From The Hunter's Snare

     You have committed a sin. It may have been from weakness or with malice. Don't panic. Go to God with humility and confidence. "Look what I can do, O Master. When I trust my own strength, I sin."
     Let the Lord know you are sorry. Admit it may have been worse if he had not stopped you. Thank God. Love God. He will be generous toward you. Even though what you have done is offensive to him, he will reach out to help you. 
     Once you have asked God's pardon, don't begin to wonder whether or not he has actually forgiven you. This is a total waste of time, a sickness of the soul. It may seem like a good and reasonable question, but it is not. Fall into the mercy of God and return to your regular life as though the sin had not occurred. 
     Maybe you will sin again in a short time. Don't let that shake your confidence in God. Return to him again and again. Each defeat will teach you to trust your own strength less and less. 
     If you have really messed up, first try to regain your peace and calmness. Lift up your heart to heaven. Ask yourself whether you are really sorry for having sinned, or simply afraid of being punished. 
     To recover the peace you have lost, forget your sin for a while and think about the love of God. He does everything possible to call sinners back to himself and to make them happy. 
     After this has restored peace to your soul, then you examine the motive behind your sin. Wake up your sorrow in the presence of God's love and promise to do better next time. 

Lawrence Scupoli: The Spiritual Combat