Daily Thought For January 23, 2015

Omnia Fert Tempus ("Time will tell") TRADITIONAL

The infant sees nothing beyond her own small fist. The child's vision expands slightly to take in the faces around him and the hills visible beyond his own backyard. 

But even the adult can't see the whole picture at any given moment. How many times have we lived in anxiety and urgency for an event to occur, only to look back and wonder what the fuss could have been all about? How many times have we experienced pain that seemed to lead us to the edge of despair, then looked back and seen that same pain as a door to greater wisdom? 

Here's a call to caution, then. Don't act too soon; don't judge too quickly, either yourself or others. Life is so rich and complex that it requires time to be understood. 

But as far as time can take us, it can never take us to a complete understanding of all that is. God made that very clear to Job. 

from Latin Sayings For Spiritual Growth by Archabbot Lambert Reilly, O.S.B.

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