Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daily Thought For March 29, 2014


     Today, on this day, Jesus invites us to see the fragility of the men and women of our town. Each one has his or her own frailties, and we, who come to God's resting place, are invited to look at the frailties produced by sad, painful stories that rend the heart. He says to us: "Come closer. Take upon yourself the weakness of your brother and sister." And when we want to give someone a tongue lashing, or when we have bad thoughts, we need to remember that the other person is fragile and wounded, and that we could be in his or her place. For that reason treat others as you would want to be treated. 
     The closeness of the risen Lord, who walks unrecognized―with the least of the brethren, who awakens the compassion of the Good Samaritan in so many hearts, is the only thing that enflames in so many hearts the fire of the first charity, to return to society with the lasting enthusiasm that the Emmaus disciples had, and to go out and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. 
     The one who has means, who has authority, should use them to serve: nothing else matters. Jesus, who is God and man, always has open hands, giving of himself to others. That is why he asks us not to be selfish, because the selfish person has his hands closed, always grasping for himself 
     The worst thing that can happen to us is to be without love, so as to look out only for our self-interest. Mary is the woman of love. Without love, there is no room for life. Without love there is selfishness and one turns in on oneself so as to coddle oneself Today we ask Mary for love so as to care for life. Love and courage! 
      Let us allow ourselves to be renewed by God's mercy; let us allow the power of his love to transform our lives. Let us make ourselves instruments of this mercy, channels through which God can irrigate the land, guard all creation, and make justice and peace flourish. 

from Inspiration from Pope Francis―Jorge Mario Bergoglio pp. 103-105