Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daily Thought For March 19, 2014

A Pope's Prayer

Lead in truth, O Christ, the fathers and mothers 
of families in the Church, 
urged on and strengthened by the sacramental grace of marriage, 
and aware of being on earth the visible sign of 
your unfailing love for the Church. 
Lead in truth, Christ, the young people of the Church. 
Let them not be attracted by the new idols, 
such as exaggerated consumerism, prosperity at all costs, 
moral permissiveness, protest expressed with violence, 
but rather let them live with the joy of your message, 
which is the message of the Beatitudes. 
Lead in truth, O Christ, all the faithful of the Church. 
May we become before the world courageous 
witnesses to your mission of salvation, 
happy to be sons and daughters of God- 
with You-and all humanity! 
Lead us in truth, Christ, always! Amen. 

Blessed John Paul II